Carbon 1 - U Hydrae

Carbon stars are the most strikingly colourful stars in the night sky. They are red giantslike Betyelgeuse and Antares, but appear even redder due to the relative abundance of carbon in their atmospheres. The carbon-rich molecules act as a red filter, blocking the shorter (blue) wavelength's of a star's light.

One of the brightest carbon stars lies south of Leo in Hydra. This is our target in this particular challenge.

Facts about U Hydrae 1 by Keith Turnecliff

U Hydrae is a 5th or 6th magnitude gem glowing fire orange next to a lovely, curving row of other 7th magniture stars.
Try defocusing your binoculars slightly, this will spread out the light of the star which usually makes the dominant colour more apparent.

This star chart represents a view from Long Itchington for late March at 10pm.
Credits: Image courtesy of Starry Night Pro Plus 8, researched and implemented by Keith Turnecliff.